About me

Hi, I am Adesina Hammed Hassan! I work at The Linux Foundation as Software Engineer.

I love writing and speaking about Go/Golang; (I am the organizer of Go/Golang meetups in Nigeria).

I am deeply in love with open source (and working to get more involved), specifically Go, Docker, Kubernetes, and others. One of my dreams is becoming a Google Developer Expert for Go. Right :)

I enjoy building solutions. Currently, I’m co-founding GetTreasure (PolicyGenius for Africa).

Technology Stacks:

  • Programming Languages: Go, JavaScript(Vue.js), PHP, and Dart.
  • Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Redis, and SQLITE.
  • Cloud Infrastructure: AWS, GCP, Digital Ocean, Docker, and Kubernetes.
  • Operating System: Linux, MacOS, and Windows.
  • Other : Git (GitHub), gRPC, GraphQL, WebSocket, RabbitMQ.
  • Very good experience writing for Web and RESTfull services, concurrency, distributed system and micro-services. Clean, clear and well-tested code.

Talks & Events:

  • I organize Go meetups in Lagos, Nigeria (@GolangNigeria) on a monthly basis.

  • Getting Started with Learning Go Programming Language February, 2020 — Getting Started with Learning Go Programming Language. At Go Meetup Nigeria. Info. Slides

  • Designing A Basic Logging System in Go Application December, 2019 — Designing A Basic Logging System in Go Application. At Go Meetup Nigeria. Info. Slides

  • ADVANTAGES OF ADOPTING GO AS YOUR MAIN STACK. October, 2019 — Advantages of Adopting Go as your main stack ( with focus on application vertical scaling). At Go Meetup Nigeria. Info.

  • RESTFUL API & LOCAL STORAGE CONSUMPTION IN FLUTTER. January, 2019 — RESTful API and Local Storage Consumption in Flutter. At Flutter Lagos Meetup. Info.


  • University of The People, Pasadena, USA — Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, (April 2011 - April 2016).
  • (National Institute of Telecommunication, Cairo, Egypt — GMDSS Certificate
  • Heliopolis Secondary Institute, Cairo Egypt — Secondary School Certificate,