The Linux Foundation
The Linux Foundation The Linux Foundation provides a neutral, trusted hub for developers and organizations to code, manage, and scale open technology projects and ecosystems.

The Linux Foundation - Trusted hub for developers and organizations. December 2020 - Present:

As a Software Engineer: - Collaborating on designing and developing REST API and internal tools that power LFX EasyCLA, LFX Individual Dashboard, and LFX Security: https://lfx.linuxfoundation.org

  • Developing scalable test suit which consists of mocking internal Github and DNSimple libraries used internally by the micro-services.

  • Managing and extending micro-services (roughly 56) with consistent collaboration with the QA and Business team.

GetTreasure Pro & Core
GetTreasure Pro & Core PolicyGenius for Africa & Insurance Agents platform

GetTreasure Pro. February 2021 - January 2023: GetTreasure Core. February 2021 - March 2023:

As a Co-founder and Lead Software Engineer: - Developed Insurance/Policy offers aggregator module for GetTreasure Core and Pro.

  • Integrated payment gateways forGetTreasure Core and Pro.

  • Contributed to the design and development of the mobile applications for GetTreasure Core and Pro.

  • Led the engineering team and design team, with collaboration with the Growth team.

Sterling Bank PLC
Sterling Bank PLC Financial Institution - Payment Applications and Business Automation Technology (IT)

Sterling Bank PLC [Payment Applications and Business Automation Technology (IT)]. March 2019 - November 2020.

As a Full-stack engineer (Go, .NET, and Vue.js), I developed nad managed 3 core products:

  • Worked on the OneBank backend to help improve the overall performance of the request-response process (i.e., latency). One of the significant improvements is; I worked on improving the customer bank account registration response time by 5% after I introduced it concurrently.

  • Maintained and extended ETL CLI tool written in Go a new module (the end result performs 4 times faster). This module is consumed by for Data Analysts to fetch data from three external services daily.

  • Developed the basic features of API service for Alt-Invest product (a stock/bond investment mobile app) which includes integration with 4 internal and third-party services.

  • Developed the web application of a fund-lending product for SMEs (namely, Business Support Facility).

  • Developed the web application for a procurement product for enterprises (namely, Alt-Procurement), that would set the bank up for success in the e-commerce domain nationwide.

  • Mentored junior software engineers on software engineering standards and best practices.

Gbedu A music streaming platform for Africa

Gbedu - Music Streaming Platform. January 2019 - March 2019:

As a Software Engineer: - Built on an open-source audio-bpm extraction package to help improve the customer’s music recommendation experience.

  • Built on audio and image transcoding engine to enable us to process asset transcoding and conversion with ease; this decreases the loading time of our web application assets (audio tracks and album/tracks images), thus improving customer’s experience.

  • Migrated existing audio tracks/images and provided support for future uploaded tracks/files to DigitalOcean by extending the existing package; this helped the company to cut some costs monthlyxtended the authentication service to allow users on a partner’s platform to authenticate on our platform without the need to sign-up on our platform (SSO). This improved the user experience of new customers and increased the number of our customers.

Tremendoc A Tele-health Platform for Patients and Doctors

Tremendoc - Tele-health Platform. December 2017- January 2019:

As a Fullstack Developer: - Integrated third-party SDK to enable an audio and video medical consultation; this feature tripled the number of customers as they prefer more a more engaging medical consultation rather than just a textual communication.

  • Extended the authentication service to allow users on a partner’s platform to authenticate on our platform without the need to sign-up on our platform (SSO). This improved the user experience of new customers and increased the number of our customers.
UoPeople An Online University in the USA

University of The People. April 2016 - August 2018:

As a Program Advisor. My duties included:

  • Provided informative guideline and clarification on program requirements, policies and procedures.
  • Helped the students in defining and developing realistic educational career plans, specifically in Computer Science and Business Administration programs through constant schedule planning for each semester.
  • Assisted with the training of new Program Advisors.
  • Consulted regularly with faculty colleagues in order to have up-to-date information that also impact the curriculum.